Relax, Relate, Rejuvenate in my Whitley voice 

Didn’t realize how connected my family and I were to Wifi until our recent vacation. We walked into our gorgeous suite with state of the art electronics overlooking the ocean and thought we had hit the jackpot. Jet lag soon had us getting ready for bed. No wifi!! Had the password but couldn’t connect because signal wasn’t strong enough. With two teenagers in the house this is asking for a mutiny. 

The following day was the obligatory visit to relatives and two seconds after entering the house, the conversation went like this:

“So good to see you? What have you been up to? Can I use your computer please?” 

That was not even my kids – sadly that was me!! My sister in law just laughed and already briefed on the situation had the computer up and running.  The Wifi password was handed out as generously as the hugs and I am happy to report that by the time we got to our suite later that day, we were connected – by humor and by wifi.  We decided we just like to know its there but the time we spent together was even more memorable.