Photo101:Day 10:Mystery

Photo101:Day 10:Mystery

I am late but that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend quite a bit of time yesterday reflecting on the theme.

This pix was taken by me last year around this time (cold) and I have it framed it my house. I used my husband’s Nikon camera to capture the scene. We drove to this park early one weekend for a morning walk. We normally go in the summer time but I love the tranquility and what I knew would be breathtaking moments. The trees seem to beckon us to dream as we enjoyed the view. We didn’t know what the day held (the mystery) but we knew it was off to a great start.


Photo101:Day 8:The Natural World

Maybe I will believe the meteorologists tomorrow when I’m back at work. Today is simply gorgeous with light breezes causing leaves to play Hide and Seek and Ring around the Rosie with the vehicles on the road. The sky looks like someone took a feather and purposefully teased the clouds. My free time is ending and so are these moments when I get to gaze in awe at the colors of the leaves on the trees and wonder how with the breezes blowing round and round, half of a tree gets to still have its leaves and the other half is bare. Can you tell that I couldn’t pick just one shot?.



Photo101:Day 5:Solitude

As I’ve gotten older, I have appreciated and craved solitude. A chance to reconnect with my thoughts, my spirit, my creativity. It’s often snuggled up with a book, being in my home when everyone else is asleep or away, dancing to old tunes and sometimes singing those tunes happily off key that I enjoy. My feet in the warm Caribbean sand being caressed by the lapping waters of the Caribbean or Atlantic oceans is where I am still and at one with my solitude – completely.


St. Lucia’s Native Son

Last night I attended the viewing of “Poetry is an Island” a film about the life of Derek Walcott. This phenomenal Nobel Laureate whose prose intertwines Greek mythology with every day Caribbean lifestyle is the proud son of the Helen of the West, St. Lucia.


We walked through his childhood dreams, the demise of his mother, his isolation from his native land (something that rocks me to my core every day) as he and his friends vividly narrated the journey using his poetry.

The Arts are an important part of a child’s foundation and a country’s foundation and it pains me to see the erosion of talent and promise. I do believe that those who can affect change should do so especially when given the rare platform.

There were many remarkable and heart wrenching quotes about life in the Caribbean and abroad but it is said that a picture paints a thousand words. The picture that will stay with me is of Derek Walcott walking along the beach and then sitting while the water laps at his feet and he watches the beautiful skyline as the sun sets in St. Lucia.

I know I can stand the rain ..

Sunshine makes me happy

but as I reflect on the past week, the falling rain calms my tumultuous thoughts.

Outside my window the rain plays the part of a lyrical genius utilizing the gently soaking soil, the thumping on the roof while crescendoing on the wooden fixtures outside. The cherry blossoms can’t help but dance along and turn my walkway into a beautiful soaked runway.

The pace picks up and I can almost hear that soul captivating drum beat of Bob Marley’s “One Love” encouraging me to join in the dance as I did many a time in my youth. Won’t think about tomorrow right now for the present moment is captivating and so transforming.