Quotable Sundays

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Quotable Sundays 

I made a pact with myself to make a diligent effort to enjoy as many moments as I could stuff into a day. Occasionally I may fuss because running after those moments sometimes leave me exhausted, but I love when my family has fond recollections of these moments. So what if sleep occasionally evades me but when I get to sleep I’m smiling. Cheers to making the moments even more memorable! 

Disclaimer: I have no rights to this photo/quote. Borrowed from the Internet. 

Quotable Sundays

This was the week where I felt the doors of hell were being unlocked. I could complain but it makes no sense because you too have things that are not going right for you. So, I figured I would be a little scarcastically humorous.  Cheers to a better week to us all. 

Disclaimer: no rights to following quote/photo.  Borrowed from the Internet. 

Quotable Sundays 1.5

I may have been one of the few persons who thought that Ryan Lochte wasn’t a total douche. What he did in Rio when he claimed to have been robbed on a night out with his fellow competitors was heinous. Media personnel who gave him a pass for being “a great athlete who did something stupid” are very duplicitous. Yes, it is white privilege. Pure and simple. He owes his country and the people of Rio a damn apology for his ghastly behavior.  

Disclaimer. I have no rights to this photo/quote.