Enough Already

It’s getting harder and harder to see the glass half full. The mass killings of African Americans across the U.S. Is more than alarming. Yes, people of all races are dying but geez, it feels like open season on black people from Ferguson to Baltimore and now in Charleston. There have been peaceful demonstrations, riots, prayer vigils, boycotts all in an effort to curb and bring attention to the plight of the people. 

Enough is enough but where does it end? How do we as a people, as members of the human race proceed?

God help us!! 



Treasured Thursday (in a pic or two)

Treasured Thursday (in a pic or two)

i spent most of the day with my feisty extrovert and this one will be in my memory bank for infinity. We didn’t do anything extraordinary (in my book) but the time spent together while grocery shopping, meeting her friends and taking a really long walk in the park as the sun closed out the day was one of our best. No fussing, lots of laughter, sharing stories made me wish that time would stand still. As I look through the pictures she sent moments ago, I smile and commit the awesome feeling to memory




Careless Whispers

“Words used carelessly, as if they did not matter in any serious way, often allowed otherwise well-guarded truths to seep through.” 
― Douglas AdamsThe Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

I watched her eyebrow arch, her wrinkled skin around her mouth turn upwards ever so slightly quite scarcastically.  She stared at the  woman sitting across from her, her eyes attempting to pin her young victim and silently wipe the innocence of her face.  The young woman sat in the chair with her hands neatly folded on her lap. She was terrified but kept a smile on her face. 

She had been in the older woman’s employ for quite some time now and was witnessing what she had only heard whispered about. The older woman whom we shall call Kit, had been heading that department for many years and her department was successful in spite of her. Projects were put together and came to fruition without any assistance from her but she demanded the credit. Things were changing for Kit and she could feel it. Her company was downsizing, she wasn’t connecting with her staff, she wasn’t productive unless she counted her frequent runs to the local coffee shop. The young woman was everything Kit wasn’t and was headed for a promotion – as Kit’s replacement.   

Kit had been trying to discredit the young lady with stories about her poor work habits and her lackluster job performance. All of this culminated with a meeting in Human Resources where we now sat. I had no choice, Kit had violated company code and inspite of her many years of service, she had to be terminated.  


Writing 101: day 2: fast forward to the future

I have dreamt about this day for quite some time. The day when he and I renew our wedding vows. 

We met in our early twenties on a night when I was celebrating my birthday with an out of town boyfriend.  No sparks just casual conversation. Out of towner left and a friendship ensued. He was easy going, funny and caring so easy to fall in love with. Said goodbye to the out of towner and made serious googly eyes with The One. We moved in, broke up, made up and got married. 

I loved him then and thought that was the icing on the cake and some twenty five years later the love, admiration, support and laughter is so much more than I, than we, both could have dreamed. We are breaking tradition because at thirty years of marriage we will renew our vows   A sunset wedding on the beach in the Caribbean with me in a simple flowing dress, barefoot with lime green painted toes, him with his bespoke elegance and our kids, family and friends. We will solidify the deal with one of those kisses that causes the sunset to melt into the horizon and hold on to each other for the second part of the journey. 

Guess Who is Not Coming to Dinner: writing101

A friend and I were catching up and somehow the conversation meandered towards same sex marriage. Actually I do remember how they conversation came out. A family member recently got married and dropped by to introduce his wife to the hubs and I. In sharing the details of the visit, I happened to mention how opposed the family member is to same sex relationships. My friend and I are both heterosexual but have strong friendships with persons in the gay community. As persons who are not born Americans and raised in strong Christian backgrounds, this could be a bit challenging. We chose and continue to choose to treat people based on how we are treated, on how they interact with us. We can’t change everyone’s mind but I think we wished we could. Not easy. The hubs and I have dinner plans with thenewlyweds and I’m sure with warmer weather coming up, we will all be getting together frequently. Then again, maybe not so frequently since most of my gay friends are staples at my get togethers. Maybe he will be polite, maybe he won’t but it’s a party and I want the atmosphere to be fun and festive and yes, relaxing. 


Today I felt a bit overwhelmed and went out for a walk. My feet carried me to the Starbucks across the street. There were only 3 unoccupied seats. After I was seated for a few minutes a gentleman sat down in one of the other seats and made a phone call. He was calling a crisis hotline to tell them that this time of year was hard for him, he was bipolar and depressed, his medication was not working. He left them a number to call him back. A few minutes later I got up to leave and stole a glance at the young man who couldn’t have been more than 25 or 26 years old. He had his headphones on and was listening to music. My heart went out to him. I do hope he got a call back and that he was able to get the help he requested. My little situation definitely was not as overwhelming as his need.