For Marquessa

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Enough Already

It’s getting harder and harder to see the glass half full. The mass killings of African Americans across the U.S. Is more than alarming. Yes, people of all races are dying but geez, it feels like open season on black people from Ferguson to Baltimore and now in Charleston. There have been peaceful demonstrations, riots, prayer vigils, boycotts all in an effort to curb and bring attention to the plight of the people. 

Enough is enough but where does it end? How do we as a people, as members of the human race proceed?

God help us!! 


What She Told Me

“As tears fall from her face
she begins to sway
Love shouldn’t hurt this way.”
― Diana Rasmussen, Snow White Darkness

He came home, inebriated, and the sunny day quickly turned grey. They ran to their rooms in fear. He called out to her, speech slurred, he wanted dinner immediately. She brought it out and called the children to get him a beverage, he wanted juice. You could have heard a pin drop, the room was so quiet. She began to question him about his whereabouts, why was he frightening the kids. His voice didn’t even get pass a conversational tone when he flung the eating utensil across the room with one hand and the other hand came smashing into her face. The kids began screaming, she looked at him perplexed while he looked shocked at what he’d done. Silently tears ran down her face while he openly cried. They thought she would leave him then and many times after that but she never did. She loved him, he needed her and so she cried on the inside.

Through the Looking Glass

It’s a beautiful day to be thankful. A dear childhood friend recently lost an aunt to cancer, her fourth family member who has passed away in five years. Like she said, you begin to question the unfairness of life and your faith is challenged. One of our mutual friends thought we should do an activity to show our support. Hence the brunch.
It wasn’t a surprise to her but she was touched that we came together to support her and make her smile. While a group of us were chatting I looked up and saw our happy reflections in the mirror and wanted to capture the moment. Through the looking glass one can see the love and carefree moments of friends.


Falling for him …. again

I’ve been a mom for some twenty one years to two children who have me falling always in love even when I’m being driven crazy.

Our first has always been a very observant, reserved yet loving young man. It’s easy to fall for him though with his very defined frame, shy smile and old school chivalry.

Something he did yesterday tugged at my heart strings so strong that it was the last thing I thought of last night and almost immediately upon arising. It was the hubby’s birthday celebration yesterday and I was exhausted after all day preparations. While we were bidding guests goodbye, our young man calmly and effortlessly cleared the entire area including dishes AND furniture! This is huge! Don’t get me wrong, he is very helpful but no prompting, no requests to help out from either parent, and he goes and does this? Yes indeed I was thrilled. I looked at him, smiled, thanked him and before I told you I did tell him that I loved him and I was happy to be his mommy. I think this amazing young man will surprise me again and of course I will let you know cause I am that proud mom. World peace is next and I’m sure he is working on that:-)


St. Lucia’s Native Son

Last night I attended the viewing of “Poetry is an Island” a film about the life of Derek Walcott. This phenomenal Nobel Laureate whose prose intertwines Greek mythology with every day Caribbean lifestyle is the proud son of the Helen of the West, St. Lucia.


We walked through his childhood dreams, the demise of his mother, his isolation from his native land (something that rocks me to my core every day) as he and his friends vividly narrated the journey using his poetry.

The Arts are an important part of a child’s foundation and a country’s foundation and it pains me to see the erosion of talent and promise. I do believe that those who can affect change should do so especially when given the rare platform.

There were many remarkable and heart wrenching quotes about life in the Caribbean and abroad but it is said that a picture paints a thousand words. The picture that will stay with me is of Derek Walcott walking along the beach and then sitting while the water laps at his feet and he watches the beautiful skyline as the sun sets in St. Lucia.