Quotable Sundays

I may not have completed all the assignments in my Blogging 101 and Writng 101 courses but I have read every single one. In my attempt to have more of a consistent presence on my blog, I will share a quote which will be my inspiration for the week or has captured my shenanigans of the week past. 


In my mind, the song Wild Child by Kenny Chesney is secretly about me as I slowly become the older woman and seeing this quote reminds me it’s okay to be a little wild at heart because that’s what makes me beautiful. 




These things happened to other people, never to me. You see I was the carefree one with more than a little bit of daredevil in me. 

I met him while picking my niece up at school. For a seven year old she seemed to be so popular. Everyone was so animated except for this one kid who was lagging behind the group. When she finally got to me she introduced them and I found out his name was Zane. Don’t know what it was but something about his puppy dog eyes were captivating, so familiar. 

Our paths crossed again while I was out for coffee with a friend. My friend was pointing out a new graffiti artist work to me and as I casually glanced to where she was pointing, I saw Zane. 

He looked sad, tired and lonely. I walked over to the spot where he was but as soon as he saw me he ran off. Later that night the news media ran a story about a kid who was missing, it was Zane. 

As I stare out of my apartment window the lights appear to come closer, I wrap myself with my cashmere throw and pray that Zane is safe, that he comes home soon. He is only seven you see and the city is so big. Zane is also my son whom I gave up at birth. 

Day one: who am I and why am I here: blogging101

This question is not as easy as it looks but I think I’ve had a lot of practice recently. 

I am a rebelle with a cause – me! I am always a work in progress and instead of going in circles I am finally making toddler steps.  I love discovering and wearing my quirks which define me as spectacular as my eclectic array of customized Converse.

In my quest to focus my slightly ADD mind or as I like to say, my ever loving creative spirit, I decided to start a blog. I want to be a better writer, expand on what I think are my limited storylines and perhaps fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a published author.  

Lofty goals but I anticipate a fun filled journey. Here we go!!

In the words of Gary Allan “Life ain’t always beautiful. But it’s a beautiful ride”