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It was one heck of a disastrous winter and I cooked up and most certainly ate up a storm. Of course, I needed to keep warm :-/. The weather got warmer, I purchased colorful tees and sneaks to encourage me on my healthy journey. 
I enjoyed daily power walks with the hubs while listening to Soca and Dancehall reggae, Zumba class once a week and for extra measure I joined the gym.

Hubby is a regular at the gym so I got a few pointers. Three days after my first class I was immobile. Couldn’t move then graduated to a shuffle. I saw my grandparents careful steps in my immediate future. Sitting down was pure torture as getting up required assistance and all the decorum I could muster. 

 A couple of muscle relaxants and much appreciation for the elderly, I am glad to relay that I’m doing better. It only took me two weeks. Pardon me while I get ready for my walk. No gym for this chicken for a bit.   


All about beauty finds

You may have noticed that my writings have been a little of everything and sometimes nothing in particular, today is no exception. Beauty is my business (not 9 to 5 but more like 11 to 7 or 12 to 8, weekends for sure and definitely holidays) and since I spend all day dissecting the beauty and fragrance world, I tend to traipse in other directions when I write. Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

I have been enthralled with this everything cleanser by this company, Eve Lom which deep cleanses, brightens, exfoliates,tones, decongests skin AND removes stubborn waterproof makeup!! My skin is pretty normal and it worked phenomenally. Some of my co-workers ranging from sensitive to oily tried it as well and all had rave reviews for this product. The first time you open the jar the eucalyptus scent (decongestant) hits you hard, once you get past it and take a dime size amount of the product which feels a bit petroleum jelly mixed with aromatic plant oils and “melt in your hand” exfoliating beads,   gently run over the face and in my case the neck too, you begin to see what the hype is about. I normally splash warm water to rinse off my skin but I decided to follow the instructions and use the muslin cloth (that the cleanser came with) in really warm/hot water. The expectation was that I would still have a bit of slickness from the product on my face but imagine my surprise when there was no residue, no slickness and quite a bit of softness and a deep clean to my skin. Also noticed the brightening effect on the following days. This is a night time cleanser which can be used for all skin types, skin concerns and environmental conditions. It is now my must have cleanser and so at $80 for the 3.3 oz. jar it is a splurge. There are two other sizes available 1.6 oz for travel and 6.8 oz.

My two splurges: Eve Lom cleanser Kate Somerville Mega C Dual Radiance Serum

As much as I don’t want to admit it, Fall is around the corner. I love maintaining the glow in my sun kissed by summer skin with Vitamin C anything and was excited to try this new one from Kate Somerville, renowned skin expert. This Mega C dual radiance serum is chock full of bio active omegas 3, 6, 9, 7 and evens out skin tone, improves appearance of dark spots and discoloration, brightens (my favorite) soften and improves moisture retention. Those with sensitive skin might want to check with their dermatologist prior to using but apart from that it is great for all skin types. Of course, I use at night only and follow up with any of my gooey moisturizers that I love. This is splurge #2 and I have officially broken the bank since this is $90 a pop. My skin will thank me as I face the upcoming seasonal changes with a rejuvenated, glowing outlook. Next splurge may be a new fragrance. Heard Jo Malone London is coming out with a new one. Yup, I am a devotee:)

The Ab Challenge

First off let me admit that though I love the idea of exercising that I detest exercising. Hey but I know in order to keep my 5 11 frame looking decent and probably because my doctor dictated so, I must do some sort of physical activity (clean mind) for 20 minutes a day.

I really enjoy Zumba mainly because I get to dance to rhythms which makes me reminisce about my West Indian roots. I attend class once a week for an hour. Last week my instructor invited me to participate in a 30 day ab challenge with her. I know I was not her first choice (that’s another post) but I agreed to do it because I needed to get that muffin top toned.

I have been doing fair. The workout includes sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, planking which increase daily. Sit-ups, crunches, leg raises YES, planking UH UH! I have the weakest arms but I am slowly working on it.

Not saying I am going to look exactly like this but a little bit won’t hurt!

Tug of War with Fall

Tug of War with Fall

Tug of War with Fall
Feels like Fall is here and though I love wearing boots and a light jacket I am missing long days filled with sunshine, tee shirts, sandals and my glistening naturally bronzed skin.
My skin care is changing to a more emollient moisturizer for both day and night, my tried, true and updated Advanced Night Repair Serum from Estée Lauder, hydrating mask (Chantecaille Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask) and my favorite body balm from Jo Malone London (Vitamin E Body Balm).
My less tanned skin will be ensconced in rich, deep hues of purples ( Fall’s IT color) greens, reds, and gold tones. Top lipcolor on my list this year is the new formula from Giorgio Armani “Rouge Ecstasy” very hydrating and full bodied. Can’t decide whether I want to wear Diva, Red, Hot or Four Hundred.
Sounds like Fall is looking pretty good as long as the weather plays nicely:-) What are your favs for Fall?