Quotable Sundays

Disclaimer: I have no rights to this photo/quote. Borrowed from the Internet   


Quotable Sundays

I’ve been walking to calm my mind and place order in my life. It may be working and I’m up to 8 miles a day. So far, so good bu I’m dreading when the seasons change. Today this doesn’t quite matter though. 

The beloved HR manager at work lost her husband of 36 years. He passed away suddenly while she was at work dealing the recent changes of our new ownership. I can’t imagine her taking that phone call and having to make that two hour drive home. The thoughts that ran through her mind.  We were all pretty somber at work thinking of her and certainly being reflective on our lives. 

Disclaimer:  I have no rights to this quote/photo.  Borrowed from the Internet. 

A multitude of thoughts are going through my mind as I write this. My parting thought to you is to indeed slow done and rake a moment to make a memory and to enjoy the moment you’re in right now.