Quotable Sundays 

The sad state of these divided states of America. You cannot tell me when we have allowed and encouraged persons to disrespect the President of the United States on a daily basis, having political candidates who promote hate and division that the catalyst for this turmoil is not evident. Everyone matters but how can we stand to say this when there are groups of people who are treated like they don’t matter, they don’t make contributions to society? Thought provoking words from a mother who has a son who’s life she is in angst over because of his skin color, a husband who she wants home safe. My friend who is married to a police officer, they’re both friends of ours, doesn’t  quite see it this way. Everyone is protective of their own but I do believe if we work at it together we can put aside the fear which breeds frustration. It’s going to take more that prayer, that I know. 

Disclaimer I have no rights to this quote/photo. Borrowed from the Internet. 


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