Quotable Sundays

It’s the day to celebrate dads and it’s a bit bittersweet for me. My own dad has transitioned so I liken it to having an angel watching over me and occasionally laughing at my oddities. 

Disclaimer: I have no rights to this quote/photo. Borrowed from the Internet. 

I am lucky to have some wonderful souls as dads in my life and though we often butt heads, I love my crazy, funny family. My husband, my brother, my brothers in law and occasionally my saner neighbors are a sitcom when they get together. God bless the dads who continue to make the effort to inspire, encourage, chastise and love the next generation into existence. Happy Father’s Day. 

Disclaimer: I have no rights to this photo/quote. Borrowed from the Internet. 


Quotable Sundays

We all have those codependent relationships, some harder to break than others. The hardest being family. I would prefer to fix it but all the rest of the family and I can do is helplessly watch. Assistance is offered but I wonder if the subject has gotten way past caring. Every time the phone rings it’s a jarring noise threatening to dismantle my world. 

Disclaimer: I have no rights to this photo/quote and do not claim to have. Borrowed from the Internet.