Quotable Sundays

Too many thoughts running around in my head.  Jumbled up and not really making too much sense.  Just found out a few hours ago that an aunt died, two days ago Prince died. One has nothing to do with the other since I didn’t know Prince but through his music – but they’re both dead, free of the pain they were in. I came across this writer on Instagram and this is food for thought. 

Disclaimer: I do not have any rights to this quote/photo/work of the author. Borrowed from the Internet. 


Quotable Sundays

The big day is finally here and I am a little nervous and certainly nervous. It’s been a short time from the moment I decided to start a business dedicated to empowering and encouraging girls/women to define themselves not as the world sees them but as they know themselves to be. I will be sure to keep you abreast but for now I have to run. Finishing touches await. Happy Sunday!!

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Quotable Sundays

My vision is taking shape and I am very thankful for the angels who have mentored, inspired and supported me. Thankful too for those who have raised my level of thinking and increased my determination  to make a difference. 

This past week one of my co-workers described me as being “anti establishment” and I was very amused though I prefer the term “rebelle”.  I even named my company along those lines. I think we should asks pertinent questions of ourselves and our leaders. Personally I will not be defined by what the world thinks of me, I am setting out to empower girls and women in the quest for self definition. Looking forward to the journey!

Disclaimer: I have no rights to either of these photos. Borrowed from the Internet.