Quotable Sundays

The last couple of weeks I’ve felt like the mouse who is on a non stop merry go round. I’ve sneaked some time on here but not enough. Thank goodness I have a recurring alarm for my Sunday morning post otherwise it would be a ridiculously early Monday morning post. 

Back to the topic at hand. I came across this quote on the offspring’s desk while she was doing homework.  I had heard of the writer, Marianne Williamson  but never read her work. Profoundly uplifting and thought provoking words. Enjoy a conquering week!


 Disclaimer: I have no rights to this quote/photo. Borrowed from the Internet. 


Quotable Sundays

We all have dreams, things to accomplish, ways we would like to positively impact our surroundings. As I kick off my journey to make a difference my mentors asked this of me …

Disclaimer: I have no rights to this image or quote. Borrowed from the Internet. 

I know my why and I’m working on communicating it in under two minutes and without a quote:-) Do you know your everyday Why? 

No Whining Wednesday

No Whining Wednesday

I never really get to catch up with my WordPress buddies on Wednesdays but I didn’t go to my Zumba class today, I opted to stay home AND work out! I am happy to report that I have busted a move (I have proof because my waist and legs are hurting from me gyrating to the music), done a light dinner and sitting down to work on my business plan for my new business.

Ping! Ping! Ping! So many notifications from WordPress and I had to see what had everyone’s attention. First, I would like to thank my friend @creativewriter for nominating me for the 3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge. Be sure to check her out. Still working on how to insert a link so bear with me 🙂  Then going through my feed I came across @Deborah the Closet Monster’s post about a colleague who recently passed away and how she would spend her last day.

wordpress FB

Disclaimer: I have no rights to this image or quote. Borrowed from the internet

I may not check my blog every day but when I do check on Sundays (I would be ungrateful if I expect people to read my words and not reciprocate the favor) I enjoy you sharing your lives, your thoughts with me. I look forward to it and will go through my feed repeatedly to make sure that I did not neglect anyone. I may not always comment but most times I am smiling.

wordpress friends

Disclaimer: I have no rights to this image or quote. Borrowed from the internet

Thank you for being brave, for being fun, for encouraging growth, for sharing information, for supporting me on the road to being a better writer.

Just Because …

Another snow storm is hitting the East Coast and thankfully it’s my day off from work. I finally get a chance to catch up with LinkedIn and with you.  

Came across this on LinkedIn which was posted yesterday and thought it was eye opening (for me at least). 

“Date your job and love your career”

Great article https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/valentines-day-love-your-career-date-job-ala-a-dwiri?trk=v-feed

Disclaimer: no rights to the writings of the author 

Not a new concept but somethings usually occur at a time that is ripe for you. 

Quotable Sundays

As we get flooded with thoughts of all things LOVE today, I thought of taking things in a slightly different direction.  After all, we can’t share love if we don’t love ourselves first.  It’s not a selfish expectation just a realistic one. If I don’t know how to love myself properly I can’t be a good person, a good wife and mother, a good friend, a good family member, a good member of society. 

My wish for you https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLielWnotiHsPuShewoH5RhURU_cF-jnQx

Disclaimer: I have no rights to this video/images. 

Quotable Sundays 

Today, I am a very happy Camper. Indeed, a play on words because it’s Super Bowl Sunday in America and two of my favorite quarterbacks are playing against each other. Both dynamic but the enigma that is Cam Newton is enthralling. 

A fervent student of the game, proud of his blackness and his philanthropy, a leader in his industry and on his team are some of the things we know of Cam. 

  Disclaimer: no rights to photo   Borrowed from Internet. 

Almost ready for some football, are you going to be watching?