Quotable Sundays

The day is almost over so hopefully my post will count.Snow, snow and more snow is surrounding me and it is no longer a pretty sight. Yes, I have had to go back to work and yes, I have had to deal with sub par roads and silly drivers. 

Today, I struggled with what to post for today and thought I would take a drive to visit an art gallery that everyone, I mean everyone, on my IG feed has been raving about. 

Alas, I never arrived because it appears that like me Waze is directionally challenged. We parked as instructed and proceeded to take the 5 minute walk. Twenty minutes later we will still walking and decided to walk back to the car. 

Disclaimer: I have no right to the photo/quote. Borrowed from Internet.  
We found the place on the drive back home (15 minutes later) but I was no longer in the mood to explore. That’s for another day when sunshine is my companion. 

How was your day?  

So I’d know where I parked! So add forgetful to my list of issues. 


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