Quotable Sundays

Not sure if I told you but I live in a snow globe. Well, let’s be honest I didn’t live in one until Saturday! Almost thirty inches of snow covered our landscape. I will spare you the pictures because honestly I’m bored with them   They’re all over my social media newsfeed. What matters to me is the fact that not too many people were displaced, people seem to be upbeat but then again Monday is sure to bring a change to their demeanor.  

Disclaimer: no rights to photo/quote. Borrowed from Internet. 

I chose this time to cook up a storm (literally), catch up on movies and nest. The boys are dealing with the snow clean up as I converse with you. I’m not going to whine about how much I hate the snow, being cold, blah, blah, blah. I am going to relish the moments that I spent at home with my family, not having to go to work today and being warm.  Ha! Positive thoughts. Hot chocolate, anyone?



5 thoughts on “Quotable Sundays

      1. That was me until 20 mins ago. Began feeling a bit guilty that the boys are outside bursting my buns cleaning the snow off while I was indulging myself! Hey, there is still this afternoon to work on my self indulgent projects while they’re watching football :-). Enjoy.

  1. Ah…I love relaxing Sundays when it’s too cold to go outside or there’s too much snow haha 🙂 Also, hot chocolate is always a nice little addition, looks delicious in that picture.

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