Soulful Saturday

We do lots of sharing on our blogs and for a while now, I’ve questioned whether I should share as deeply as I do. I write in first person or occasionally thinly veiled third person. I have attempted several times to write about subjects that I don’t have a personal connection to  but in proofing my words they seem to be emotionless and not captivating in the least. So, if and when you read my words know that in some part I went through it. Definitely cost less than a therapist.  Think henceforth I shall call this my JoBlog (journal blog) 

Disclaimer: I have no claim to the quote borrowed from the Internet 


4 thoughts on “Soulful Saturday

  1. Great quote. I also write in first person, sometimes in “my” voice but usually because I try to get into my characters perspective. Write what makes you feel at ease…

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