Quotable Sundays

The day is almost over so hopefully my post will count.Snow, snow and more snow is surrounding me and it is no longer a pretty sight. Yes, I have had to go back to work and yes, I have had to deal with sub par roads and silly drivers. 

Today, I struggled with what to post for today and thought I would take a drive to visit an art gallery that everyone, I mean everyone, on my IG feed has been raving about. 

Alas, I never arrived because it appears that like me Waze is directionally challenged. We parked as instructed and proceeded to take the 5 minute walk. Twenty minutes later we will still walking and decided to walk back to the car. 

Disclaimer: I have no right to the photo/quote. Borrowed from Internet.  
We found the place on the drive back home (15 minutes later) but I was no longer in the mood to explore. That’s for another day when sunshine is my companion. 

How was your day?  

So I’d know where I parked! So add forgetful to my list of issues. 


Quotable Sundays

Not sure if I told you but I live in a snow globe. Well, let’s be honest I didn’t live in one until Saturday! Almost thirty inches of snow covered our landscape. I will spare you the pictures because honestly I’m bored with them   They’re all over my social media newsfeed. What matters to me is the fact that not too many people were displaced, people seem to be upbeat but then again Monday is sure to bring a change to their demeanor.  

Disclaimer: no rights to photo/quote. Borrowed from Internet. 

I chose this time to cook up a storm (literally), catch up on movies and nest. The boys are dealing with the snow clean up as I converse with you. I’m not going to whine about how much I hate the snow, being cold, blah, blah, blah. I am going to relish the moments that I spent at home with my family, not having to go to work today and being warm.  Ha! Positive thoughts. Hot chocolate, anyone?


Quotable Sundays

Who doesn’t love a challenge? Whether we head into it at full speed, tiptoe around it and gently give it a poke to test its limits or look at it while grimacing and add to our bucket list. I’m a bit of all of these scenarios but when I decide to attack the challenge there is no stopping me. 

So here’s to you muzzling those naysayers (in and around you),here’s to taking those steps where you get to smile and say “Yes, I did it!” Cheers!!

Disclaimer: I have no rights to the photo/quote above. Borrowed from the Internet. 

Quotable Sundays

I thought I didn’t know love but now that he is gone I realized how much I was loved. The way his eyes  lit up when he saw me, I wasn’t the only one but I felt like the only feather in his cap. He broke my heart many a time, I feared, detested and loved him all in one. I miss talking to him, sharing stories of childhood moments he missed out on, seeing his grandkids growing up. I wish I could tell him I now understand him a lot better now, how sorry I am that his fear suffocated him. Because of my dad, I am determined to  move in the direction of my dreams and hopefully in doing so will honor him. 

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Soulful Saturday

We do lots of sharing on our blogs and for a while now, I’ve questioned whether I should share as deeply as I do. I write in first person or occasionally thinly veiled third person. I have attempted several times to write about subjects that I don’t have a personal connection to  but in proofing my words they seem to be emotionless and not captivating in the least. So, if and when you read my words know that in some part I went through it. Definitely cost less than a therapist.  Think henceforth I shall call this my JoBlog (journal blog) 

Disclaimer: I have no claim to the quote borrowed from the Internet 

Quotable Sundays

The New Year has kicked off and like you I’m filled with renewed hope. Here’s wishing the best to you and yours.  

Today I get to celebrate a woman who I am truly blessed to call my sister.  It’s her birthday. She is not one to want to relish being celebrated but I’m her older sister so it’s my way!

Her strength and determination is beautifully lined on her face and upon deep reflection one can see what she has endured. She does not complain as she deals with problems. Her can do attitude, her tenacity often bring to mind a willow tree. She is my inspiration, my always woman crush.  

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your most precious gift

The thing I always asked for and on more than one occasion vehemently demanded, is time.  Time to create memories, time to understand and enjoy each other’s company. I  appreciate your time in reading my thoughts, your time in sharing your thoughts and your encouraging comments as I strive to do better. 

Thank you for being you, for sharing your gift of time which unbeknownst to you is the gift I love the most.  The best of 2016 to you and yours. May the lessons we encounter along the way not strip our hope completely but leave us renewed in our revival. 

Disclaimer: borrowed from the Internet