Quotable Sundays

This week I am doubling your pleasure as I write. One of my favorite calypsonians, Mighty Pelay,    on his holiday album would sing about giving gifts to people who were unappreciative and at times undeserving – like an employer. Well after a tempestuous year and many years of not participating, I chipped in for the gift giving. I was a little tired of the tit for tat and a part of me didn’t want to give in anymore to the demeaning circumstances. I feel a little lighter and not so bogged down with the craziness of the world. 

Disclaimer: borrowed from the Internet 

 And then there was last night. One of my friends hosted a charity event showcasing local talent in the arts with proceeds going to  homeless children.  It all came full circle for me and I was extremely happy to contribute to bringing a smile to someone else face. It’s my gift, my talent, being a smile conductor but I found that extending a hand in love does more for the giver than the recipient. Though I guess it depends on the side you stand on:-) 

Disclaimer: borrowed from the Internet  


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