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Quotable Sundays

Another year has flown by and as I ponder about the achievements, the missteps and the new undertakings; I find myself consumed with those who don’t fit in, those tiptoeing around the edge. The creative spirits who still believe in being true to their souls and committed to being the change the world wants. I’m not there yet but as I march to the beat of my own drum as see myself as a world musician experiencing different cultures and incorporating a one love mentality.  Care to join me?

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Fun exercise

First 50 Words - Prompts for Writing Practice

Candles are no substitute for a furnace. But they are better than having nothing whatsoever producing heat in a cold house. Losing power reminds me of how vulnerable we are to infrastructure breakdowns. When life is working, we never think about such things.

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Quotable Sundays

Good morning, world! Slightly exhausted but thankful for my life. So I finally got the tree done…Yay! After three years of not contributing to a gift for my manager (I didn’t think it was earned) I decided to add my hard earned dollars. Maybe I was tired of stating what wasn’t being done, how ineffective she was as a leader or I simply decided to include her in my spirit of giving. 

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My spirit of giving should have started with me but I got to myself somewhere in the middle. After attending a charity event last week I finally got the nerve to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. First I’m starting off with a domain name or two that I purchased this week. I’m going to be a small business owner!!! Scary since I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m very excited. Stay tuned. Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you many memorable moments. 

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Quotable Sundays

This week I am doubling your pleasure as I write. One of my favorite calypsonians, Mighty Pelay,    on his holiday album would sing about giving gifts to people who were unappreciative and at times undeserving – like an employer. Well after a tempestuous year and many years of not participating, I chipped in for the gift giving. I was a little tired of the tit for tat and a part of me didn’t want to give in anymore to the demeaning circumstances. I feel a little lighter and not so bogged down with the craziness of the world. 

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 And then there was last night. One of my friends hosted a charity event showcasing local talent in the arts with proceeds going to  homeless children.  It all came full circle for me and I was extremely happy to contribute to bringing a smile to someone else face. It’s my gift, my talent, being a smile conductor but I found that extending a hand in love does more for the giver than the recipient. Though I guess it depends on the side you stand on:-) 

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Treasured Thursdays

My Christmas tree sits unclothed

My house lacks red

The scent of baked goods don’t permeate the air

Music of yesteryear is not lingering 

I’ve dragged my feet

I hate that I can’t smell or feel the spirit

Not sure if it’s the doomsday message on the screens

Or  the lack of positivity that I feel

There isn’t much time before the 25th

So before I declare that I may be a grinch this year

I will give thanks for the blessings I do have 

Give to those who need and 

Get that tree decked, those cakes baked, the house fa la lad

And some Mighty Pelay and Alvin & the Chipmunks on constant replay

Quotable Sundays 

I’m a little late today but I take refuge in the thought that the day is  not over. Today my Jewish friends celebrate the first day of  Hannukah   and as I reflect on the state of the world, I join them in praying for peace. Let your light shine. 

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