The Kissing Tree

As they drove through the town where she grew up, they came to a stop sign and looming before their eyes was The Tree. Strong, majestic with roots above the ground looking like a lady in regal attire. The girl smiled, attempting to keep her emotions in check. 

“It’s a feeling like this

It’s centrifugal motion

It’s perpetual bliss

It’s that pivotal moment

It’s, ah, impossible

This kiss, this kiss (unstoppable)

This kiss, this kiss”

Faith Hill

She remembers walking along the street with the boy and talking about school and family tidbits. It began to rain, something that always happened on a sunny day in their country. There was even a saying that when it rained on a sunny day, two non believers were getting married. They went for cover under the only tree on that hill, and while the rain was falling and the sun was shinning, it happened. It was her first kiss. Then the sun came out. They giggled nervously, he took her hand and they continued their walk. 

She looks across at her husband, definitely not the boy, and gently squeezes his hand. He stole more than just a kiss, he stole her heart. 


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