Quotable Sundays

So far, so good! I am being consistent with my Sunday postings and I am proud of myself – I have an weekly alarm/reminder set in my phone which helps as well. 

My feisty teen and I had a head to head this week – again! She went to her first Homecoming Dance yesterday. Planning what she would  wear started a tug of war partly because I realized that this young lady with a strong sense of self, super confident wanted to blend in with her classmates. I kept asking, “Why?” and in typical teen fashion she denied it. 

The morning before the dance, we talked, really talked and we shared. Being unique is wonderful but difficult for those who haven’t quite understood their purpose, those who desires companions along for the ride, and dare I say their parents. 

She looked beautiful and sophisticated at the dance and was pleased with her choice of dress. As I walk along this journey with her, I hope to encourage, support her uniqueness, her desire to challenge even when it comes to me! Gray hairs arise!

Disclaimer: Borrowed from the internet 


2 thoughts on “Quotable Sundays

  1. I love this post! Will definitely try to set the reminders to remind me to update my blog! On the other hand, I’m a new blogger here… check out my blog bubblythoughtss.wordpress.com 🙂

    1. Will certainly do! I did a blogging course and one of the recommended topics was about having a daily or weekly topic to engage your readers. Working on some other days right now. Good luck.

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