Any Given Sunday

I like Fall but I love Summer. One of my favorite things about the fall season is Football. Not the football I grew up in the Caribbean (Soccer) with but  it will do. Of course, I do have a favorite team whose electrifying presence is not being felt this year because our million dollar quarterback is seriously hurt. Who do I get to root for?

I’ve based my picks on integrity, talent, team work, community involvement and yes, physical appearance . Remember it’s MY fantasy football quarterback picks.  

 Disclaimer: borrowed from the Internet. 

One man does not make a team but indulge me as I dream on this cold, dreary day! 


Quotable Sundays

Maybe it’s because I’m being reflective on the year, maybe because it was thanksgiving or maybe it’s because I’m maturing (bite your tongue on that last one) but I have been very thankful. Thankful for the big things but even more appreciative for the little things, the simple things that tugged at my heartstrings.  Thankful for the moments that you and I share together. 


Disclaimer: borrowed from the Internet 

Quotable Sundays

How was your week? The entire world is upside down in fear and turmoil and I perhaps childishly, stopped watching the daily news and began to spend more time on personal growth. See I’m finally beginning to live the long taught thought “Be the change you want to see in the world”   I think I’m getting it right and I think it’s only neighborly of me to take you along for the ride. Have a memorable week. 

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Tuesday Tidbit

This was too beautiful not to share. Proof that though everything is upside down in the world right now, we are surrounded by hope and beauty. Sometimes instead of looking straight ahead or glancing behind us we should look up! When everything is out of focus for me, I raise my eyes upwards and marvel. 


Quotable Sundays

It’s been a week that has affected us all. From Tunisia to DC to Paris and everywhere in between. The places where the media doesn’t shed light on, the places in the world where sadly this is a daily occurrence. I feel very helpless and it makes me wonder what my contribution to the world we live in is. I’m left to believe that whatever it is probably isn’t enough. As I re-evaluate what my place is in the world and how I can be of better service, my heart goes out to the families of those who have lost lives in the recent tragedies. 

  Disclaimer: borrowed from the Internet


The Kissing Tree

As they drove through the town where she grew up, they came to a stop sign and looming before their eyes was The Tree. Strong, majestic with roots above the ground looking like a lady in regal attire. The girl smiled, attempting to keep her emotions in check. 

“It’s a feeling like this

It’s centrifugal motion

It’s perpetual bliss

It’s that pivotal moment

It’s, ah, impossible

This kiss, this kiss (unstoppable)

This kiss, this kiss”

Faith Hill

She remembers walking along the street with the boy and talking about school and family tidbits. It began to rain, something that always happened on a sunny day in their country. There was even a saying that when it rained on a sunny day, two non believers were getting married. They went for cover under the only tree on that hill, and while the rain was falling and the sun was shinning, it happened. It was her first kiss. Then the sun came out. They giggled nervously, he took her hand and they continued their walk. 

She looks across at her husband, definitely not the boy, and gently squeezes his hand. He stole more than just a kiss, he stole her heart. 

Quotable Sundays

How was your week? 

Two weeks ago our company laid off 500 people – 10 people at our location. Everyone was in shock and that coupled with our business facing serious challenges, has tensions heightened on all levels and deer stuck in headlights looks on everyone. 

I’m not downplaying what is going on nor I am fearing what is to come as I seek solace in my faith, in my supportive cast and in music. Life has its moments where we can ask the question, “Why Me?” I am choosing to ask, “Why Not Me?” as I move forward and spend some time looking up, around in appreciation.

Disclaimer: Borrowed from the Internet. 

Quotable Sundays

So far, so good! I am being consistent with my Sunday postings and I am proud of myself – I have an weekly alarm/reminder set in my phone which helps as well. 

My feisty teen and I had a head to head this week – again! She went to her first Homecoming Dance yesterday. Planning what she would  wear started a tug of war partly because I realized that this young lady with a strong sense of self, super confident wanted to blend in with her classmates. I kept asking, “Why?” and in typical teen fashion she denied it. 

The morning before the dance, we talked, really talked and we shared. Being unique is wonderful but difficult for those who haven’t quite understood their purpose, those who desires companions along for the ride, and dare I say their parents. 

She looked beautiful and sophisticated at the dance and was pleased with her choice of dress. As I walk along this journey with her, I hope to encourage, support her uniqueness, her desire to challenge even when it comes to me! Gray hairs arise!

Disclaimer: Borrowed from the internet