I wish I could spin this to Andra Day’s “Cheers to the Fall” but I am unsure as to whether it will be as inspiring. 

I signed up for Writing 101 and Blogging 101 thinking it would be easy breezy Covergirl. Not!! I do plan on attacking each assignment but it looks like October before I’m done.  

You probably couldn’t give a rat’s behind as to why I haven’t gotten past the first two or three assignments but it’s confession time. 


Signed up for two committees on the newly redesigned PTSA at the teens school ( so many emails and meetings fly through the day) and did I say I work retail. The economy has consumers taking a hard look at their budgets and companies increasing the expected earnings for their brands. Can’t really blame my clients but with a 15% increase over last year if I don’t make it my favorite color will be PINK – pink slip! 

So it’s been challenging and I haven’t been able to concentrate and give my proper attention to my assignments but

I can’t pretend to be perfect

Or fit into some made up role

But I can make the hand I’m dealt work if

I decide to never fold

So right now I am a turtle moving slowly towards the finish line. 


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