The Weeknd

I’ve been bonding! Not only this weekend but the entire summer!! Lucky me. No really, lucky me. I’ve entered a very euphoric stage of my relationship with my teenage daughter. 

We have been having those intense womanly mother-daughter conversations that usually end with giggles or laugh out loud moments.  One of those moments occurred we were sharing our current radio hits (momma has been seriously trying to connect). 

“I can’t feel my face, when I’m with you but I love it”. She loves that tune and I’m thinking it’s such a sweet love song. Just found out that the guy was inspired by the drug induced effect of cocaine. What the heck??

We talked about it, she still likes the song, I can’t stop singing the song. She and I will make our own memory enjoying the last sunburst of summer with the sunroof open, wind blowing through our locks while singing at the top of our lungs – but I love you! 



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