what if I don’t?

She said, “I didn’t want to ignore her, I didn’t want not to love her as much as I should after all, she was my mother”.

These words got me thinking. Being a mom is serious business. It’s more than birthing, more than providing. It’s like tilling the garden, planting the seeds, pulling out weeds from the roots, providing nourishment and support, watching everything grow, protecting from the elements as much as you can then helping them recover after storms pass, and finally blooming to their full potential. Easier on paper, I say. It’s hand holding and lots of hand wringing, it’s the back and forth of chatter (which we finds out sinks in), it’s something simple like that first card from kindergarten saying you’re the most important star in their world. 

She loves her mom but as I gently reminded her all gardens are different as are all moms. They do the best that they’re capable of doing which is different for everyone. So many things play into the equation most notably being life with its often bipolar moments. We don’t often have the fictious moms or families portrayed on screens but I believe we can draw inspiration from them and from moms we come across in our daily lives.  I treasure those inspirations but the ones I am blessed to guide, lead, love and support are my greatest inspirations. They are my legacy, my heart!


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