Color me ….

Last week I was fortunate (really) to attend a work seminar. We had been given an assignment beforehand which I thought was intriguing.  

“What is your favorite color? What does it mean to you?”

I forgot to mention we had to use 3 descriptive words. Blasphemy! I could think of at least six so I had to narrow it down.  

It’s the color RED (writing on my phone so can’t change the color of the font)   I chose passionate. Intriguing and sensual. As we went around the room there were a multitude of pinks, a few blues, fewer reds and one eggplant purple. 

The purpose of the exercise was to introduce the daily use of more descriptive words when speaking to our clients on the sales floor. I think it also opens dialogue about listening and perception. I may look at an item such as a scent and think it favors something pink which for me is soft, delicate but for another that same pink could be mysterious and bold. 

It’s a grey day in my part of the world and as I get ready for the day ahead, I am thinking of the uplifting words I will be using in my conversations today such as energizing, alluring, refreshing and ultimately vibrant as I pray for the sun to come out. 


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