What’s a girl to do! I’m very aware of the current state of affairs in the world  and though I am sickened by it, I am choosing not to dwell on it. 

You may say I’m selfish and sometimes I may even agree but it’s overwhelmingly grey right now and I’m looking for and struggling to hold on every ray of sunshine I see, every smile that I share, every good I acknowledge in the world. 

  I send prayers up for those who need it, help out whenever I can and while I’m at it I do ask for strength for myself to persevere through this mucky world and not lose my sanity. I’m not in a funk right now but in the quiet moments when I ponder about the quality of life, I can feel the dark clouds on the horizon. 

  So I will kiss my hubby, watch a movie with my son, karaoke with my daughter, laugh with my friends, be inspired by awesome people, be thankful for my life while acknowledging that there are bubbles of life all around me. Staying positive and uplifting is my goal.  



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