Wednesday Flow

I said that I would never braid my hair so I will spare you all the jokes I have gotten since I ate my words last week. My natural hair has gotten almost shoulder length so I did countless hours of research and decided to have it braided – half way down my back!

So far, so good! No complaints and I must admit it is much faster leaving the house in the morning – at least for another five weeks. 



Enough Already

It’s getting harder and harder to see the glass half full. The mass killings of African Americans across the U.S. Is more than alarming. Yes, people of all races are dying but geez, it feels like open season on black people from Ferguson to Baltimore and now in Charleston. There have been peaceful demonstrations, riots, prayer vigils, boycotts all in an effort to curb and bring attention to the plight of the people. 

Enough is enough but where does it end? How do we as a people, as members of the human race proceed?

God help us!! 


Singing “This is my quest….”

It is said that children will do as they see not as they are taught. There is some truth to that but why in the heavens do they resort to combat mode when being adventurous.  Nice term when I truly mean, ticking/pissing parents off. 

I was a teenager once, not that long ago but long enough that there was not social media, just enough channels on television and the only cell phones were the nosey adults who would make parents aware of any transgressions before you got home. Yeah, that was quite some time ago. 

 It’s hard being a responsible adult and in true trickle down theory, it is probably difficult being a teenager in this megalomaniac society. Social interactions often occur via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik and a host of other sites that boggle the mind. “Can you give your grandmothers a call?” I often ask my offsprings to which I get the response “I spoke to them last week when you called” or “Why can’t I just text them?”   Well for one thing they’re in the Caribbean and you’re not paying that bill!  

I guess I’m like a lot of parents who would like their kids to have a happy and healthy work/life balance. Their world dictates that they grow up faster and at times I find it is with a lot less compassion than we did.