It is Only Lipstick

Whatever!!  I want to share a story with you about the wonderful world of luxury retail cosmetics (of course I am being facetious)

Behind all the rows of lipsticks, the multitude of result oriented skincare, in today gone tomorrow designer fragrances are GOALS. Yes, every little cubby, every little counter, every brand has a daily, monthly and ultimately seasonal goal to achieve. Every brand wants to be number one, numero uno and will offer gifts to the consumer, spiffs to the sales person and bragging rights along with a significant bonus to department heads.

“It is not brain surgery”

“Don’t treat clients like a dollar sign”

To be fair. There are quite a few honorable, knowledgeable and well meaning sales personnel but it does appear that the current business climate is encouraging duplicitous selling practices. I have come across sales persons who recognize you only by how much you have spent, if you appear to be very willing to part with your cash, and sadly though I lay some of the blame at their feet I do place the larger blame on their companies who encourage the behavior.

In a lagging economy it is much cheaper to boost your morale with retail therapy in any cosmetics department. The more upscale the environment, the wider the variety of new and exciting products to tantalize the senses. But remember, you came in to buy a lipstick (pink tones are trendy this season) maybe the liner, a lip gloss for after work events, the lash building mascara, while you’re here some line reducing eye cream, maybe that moisturizer that gives a youthful glow (winter was treacherous on the skin), oh don’t forget a rejuvenating night cream for the face, that fragrance you read about in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Essence with great reviews. It’s not brain surgery it’s only lipstick and it needs to be sold. You don’t buy, she doesn’t make her goal, she gets fired! Oh by the way did I tell you it’s a four week month with a $20,000 goal. I shudder to think how many lipsticks it will take.


2 thoughts on “It is Only Lipstick

  1. I always avoid being sprayed by the women with the perfume bottles in the department stores and I’ve never bought a lipstick there – so sadly I’m not helping their quotas.

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