Writing 101:day 3:3 songs that define my life

What a tough assignment! Pick three songs that are the soundtrack to my life!! You must be kidding. Reminds me of the phrase “If music is the food of life, then play DJ, play”

There are the sounds of my youth, the lyrics of first love, first crush, the sounds of summer, the beats of freedom, of self empowerment and independence, the songs that change my grey skies to blue, song that define my mood, moments, emotions, of my children’s eyes lighting up when I would sing in my off key tone, of setting the mood with my baby, of being brave, invincible and a conqueror. 

Music defines my life and every song has a tangible memory from the conscious lyrics of Bob, Taj and Gregory to the lovers rock of Beres, Rod and Sara to the zouk and soca of Kassav, Byron Lee, to the country beats of George, Kenny, Shania and the gang to music of the streets of KRS One, DMX, Tupac, Jodeci even Puffy to the alternative sounds and beats of the world.  It has a rhythm, a story because the soundtrack of my life has many notes and is as lyrical as my life.  



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