Guess Who is Not Coming to Dinner: writing101

A friend and I were catching up and somehow the conversation meandered towards same sex marriage. Actually I do remember how they conversation came out. A family member recently got married and dropped by to introduce his wife to the hubs and I. In sharing the details of the visit, I happened to mention how opposed the family member is to same sex relationships. My friend and I are both heterosexual but have strong friendships with persons in the gay community. As persons who are not born Americans and raised in strong Christian backgrounds, this could be a bit challenging. We chose and continue to choose to treat people based on how we are treated, on how they interact with us. We can’t change everyone’s mind but I think we wished we could. Not easy. The hubs and I have dinner plans with thenewlyweds and I’m sure with warmer weather coming up, we will all be getting together frequently. Then again, maybe not so frequently since most of my gay friends are staples at my get togethers. Maybe he will be polite, maybe he won’t but it’s a party and I want the atmosphere to be fun and festive and yes, relaxing. 


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