Don’t Go It Alone: Four Great Blogging Events

Don’t Go It Alone: Four Great Blogging Events

Hopefully this will make me more focused.

The Daily Post

Part of what makes your blog a “blog” instead of a personal diary is the way it connects you to other people: when you’re blogging, you’re part of a global network. Hopefully, you’re already making the most of that by reading other blogs, leaving comments, and engaging with your own readers.

Participating in community-run blog events is another fantastic way to connect with other bloggers. Along with The Daily Post‘s daily prompt, weekly photo challenges, and Blogging U. courses, there are many more blogger-run events on every topic imaginable, like:

Friday Fictioneers

A long-running and ever-popular event, Rochelle Wiscoff-Fields‘ Friday Fictioneers brings together hundreds of writers from all over the world to share 100-word stories based on a prompt or inspirational photo.

Not only is Friday Fictioneers a way to try your hand at a new kind of storytelling — or a low-impact way to try fiction…

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3 times is the charm

It drives people absolutely nuts when others speak of themselves in the third person. Me, I’m listening to the conversation while attempting to decipher which part of the story is really capturing the essence of the speaker.


I love writing in the third person as it is very cathartic. First person experiences, second person explains, third person ties it up in a neat little bow. Yes indeed, life as I see it. My prerogative you say and I heartily agree.