You’re not going anywhere

Or so I was told!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been thinking that my mundane life hasn’t been earth shattering enough to share.
My stress level has taken a dip recently since I’ve climbed a mountain (literally I feel) at work, my new machine stopped working, sent it off and it arrived back broken in two (still waiting for it), the blatant injustices causing deaths, protests and riots and the list goes on.

I am on a quest to further my education and some days I just give up. This time I can’t because it’s time for a change and I’m getting old!! Can’t believe I said this out loud👀 Met a friend recently, hadn’t seen her for a bit, who inquired about my plans. ” You like it here, you’re not going anywhere” to which I vehemently declared “Oh yes I’m going, watch me”.

Excuse me while I hit the books because June is around the corner.

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” Confucius



To New Beginnings

In years past, I would anxiously await the new year when I would resolve to be better, do better, perhaps be less narcissistic. I’m now older and wiser, I make changes daily and recognize that sometimes I may slip into old habits but I can awake from that stupor to get back on the path of self discovery.
So as this new year breaks I will pledge to keep growing and use my small corner to make a difference. Cheers to all for a wiser, peaceful and more humane 2015.