So, Sew

So, I recently purchased a sewing machine after the stylish skirts I liked were priced out of my budget. Couldn’t be that hard or so I thought. I did weeks of research until one of my old classmates told me to check out the inexpensive offers at Target. Long story short, I bought a Singer Simple at Walmart. I’m pretty sure I didn’t thread it properly so after two days I returned it and bought a slightly newer model at Jo Ann’s.


After purchasing some material for myself, I also decided to purchase material for a skirt for my daughter – Super hero visions were floating in my head. Went through a plethora of You Tube videos and after cutting the cloth all you need to know is that the skirt turned into a pillow and this is the final product – a messenger bag complete with two pockets and buttons.


My daughter is pleased with her new messenger bag which she proudly sported today. I haven’t attempted my skirt yet but my daughter is asking about pjs so maybe that will be next. She is quite content with my efforts so I guess I will keep working as I sing ” Sew …. A needle pulling thread”



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