2014 in review. Thank you to my new collaborators and supporters for your feedback.i look forward to the best year as we all continue to grow and add a spark to each other lives. Cheers.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 630 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 11 trips to carry that many people.

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So, Sew

So, I recently purchased a sewing machine after the stylish skirts I liked were priced out of my budget. Couldn’t be that hard or so I thought. I did weeks of research until one of my old classmates told me to check out the inexpensive offers at Target. Long story short, I bought a Singer Simple at Walmart. I’m pretty sure I didn’t thread it properly so after two days I returned it and bought a slightly newer model at Jo Ann’s.


After purchasing some material for myself, I also decided to purchase material for a skirt for my daughter – Super hero visions were floating in my head. Went through a plethora of You Tube videos and after cutting the cloth all you need to know is that the skirt turned into a pillow and this is the final product – a messenger bag complete with two pockets and buttons.


My daughter is pleased with her new messenger bag which she proudly sported today. I haven’t attempted my skirt yet but my daughter is asking about pjs so maybe that will be next. She is quite content with my efforts so I guess I will keep working as I sing ” Sew …. A needle pulling thread”


Thinking Out Loud

I wrote this some time aback and came across it while rifling through some of my papers. Thought it was worth sharing.

When he doesn’t know you as well as he claims
When you know some parts of you incite fear
When you would rather share than repress
When he should stay instead of running away
What’s a girl in love supposed to do
When she would rather it be with you than anyone else.
When she would rather you see and know the real her,
Unleashed and unabashed?
What’s a woman to do!


All I want for Christmas is ….

All I want for Christmas is ….

Some rest!! It’s been nine long days since I’ve had a day off from work and tomorrow I plan to veg. At least I want to but I’m pretty certain my conscience will get the better of me.
So I will probably stuff those baby chickens that I promised the hubs, bake the cookies I promised the teenager and since my son hasn’t wrangled anything from me yet, I will then unwind – with Thai food from my favorite spot (they’re open tomorrow, I already checked)

So if you’re celebrating the season my household wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas. 😴😴😴🎁🎉


What used to be

Yesterday after a hard hectic day which seems to be every day recently, my stomach gently reminded me about sustenance. Okay, it grumbled!
My closest spot was my local Starbucks, not for coffee but for a sandwich. Food options on the run for a vegetarian can be slightly challenging. As I briskly walked back to my car (raining) I looked around the shopping center.

This area was once bustling with a variety of shops including a large supermarket which was the anchor store. The anchor store moved across the street to a new shopping center and rumor is it they held on to their lease. There are now three stores left and they’re all catering to the fast food crowd. Starbucks appears to be the only one busy and so we wait.



Have You Ever Seen A Pink Mongoose?

Slightly nostalgic when reading this

Antigua a la Carte

Every year, The Pink Mongoose has a “Christmas in September” sale.

The window display of one of my favourite shopsThe window display of one of my favourite shops

Debbie Smith, part owner and manager of this very special store admits that Christmas is her favourite time of year, so it’s probably an excuse to get her awesomely decorated trees up early.

A close up of one of several trees on displayA close up of one of several trees on display

The commercial side of Christmas seems to get earlier every year but this shop that is all about the beauty of Christmas can easily get away with it. The trees come down when the month ends but they’re back up again before the end of November.

This is the only white I want on my Caribbean treeThis is my kind of white Christmas

A Christmas Shop conceived by Smith (when it was no longer convenient to conduct business from her home), saw her fashioning wreaths and handmade decorations for a wider cross section of Antiguans. They were such a…

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What She Told Me

“As tears fall from her face
she begins to sway
Love shouldn’t hurt this way.”
― Diana Rasmussen, Snow White Darkness

He came home, inebriated, and the sunny day quickly turned grey. They ran to their rooms in fear. He called out to her, speech slurred, he wanted dinner immediately. She brought it out and called the children to get him a beverage, he wanted juice. You could have heard a pin drop, the room was so quiet. She began to question him about his whereabouts, why was he frightening the kids. His voice didn’t even get pass a conversational tone when he flung the eating utensil across the room with one hand and the other hand came smashing into her face. The kids began screaming, she looked at him perplexed while he looked shocked at what he’d done. Silently tears ran down her face while he openly cried. They thought she would leave him then and many times after that but she never did. She loved him, he needed her and so she cried on the inside.

Photo101:Triumph (Finale)

Can’t believe this assignment has come to an end. This was my first attempt at expanding my view of the blogging world and wasn’t sure what to expect. Kudos to the administrators for choosing such interesting subjects. I was challenged to think, view and photograph things differently and lucky enough to connect with some great writers and photographers. Now it’s back to weekly posts, how mundane:-)