Falling for him …. again

I’ve been a mom for some twenty one years to two children who have me falling always in love even when I’m being driven crazy.

Our first has always been a very observant, reserved yet loving young man. It’s easy to fall for him though with his very defined frame, shy smile and old school chivalry.

Something he did yesterday tugged at my heart strings so strong that it was the last thing I thought of last night and almost immediately upon arising. It was the hubby’s birthday celebration yesterday and I was exhausted after all day preparations. While we were bidding guests goodbye, our young man calmly and effortlessly cleared the entire area including dishes AND furniture! This is huge! Don’t get me wrong, he is very helpful but no prompting, no requests to help out from either parent, and he goes and does this? Yes indeed I was thrilled. I looked at him, smiled, thanked him and before I told you I did tell him that I loved him and I was happy to be his mommy. I think this amazing young man will surprise me again and of course I will let you know cause I am that proud mom. World peace is next and I’m sure he is working on that:-)



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