His Father’s Day looked like this…..

I am certainly one for being spontaneous! Last weekend I decided that the best gift for the hubby would be a day trip to visit his brother in New Jersey. Normally, that’s an easy feat but not without a day off in six days, Friday and Saturday engagements causing me to function on five hours of sleep. Oh well, my brother in law is worth it!

Ringggggg! Rinnnggggg! Yup that was my alarm clock at 5:30 am on Sunday morning. Snacks packed, kids up, everyone showered and dressed and we hit the road. I won’t bore you with how sleepy I was or how I wanted to have my head examined for suggesting this adventure but I was thrilled when we finally arrived



My brother in law stumbled down his stairs to find us calmly sitting in his living room and the smile that encompassed his face was priceless. We had a couple of hours to catch up before the drive back home so we brunched at a spot with amazing views of rolling landscapes and returned to the house. A little music, some bonding and lots of catching up during which I caught some forty winks and back on the road home .

I’m really happy we made the trip and the hubby was extremely thankful for his Father’s Day gift. I think my brother in law is now going to be on high alert whenever my sister in law and I get together :-).


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