Bring on the Sunshine

I absolutely love the warm weather. The sunshine brings out my natural bronze skin tone, I wear less makeup, butterflies are endless, fruits are in abundance, my clothing is more freeing and I smile endlessly. Top down on my car, a little Bob, (Marley that is) Beres Hammond, Dupes, Mongstar, all in all a rhythmic mix of shake your body Caribbean music.

My hair is fluffed out, pedicure and manicure done, sandals on, I peek outside and that beckoning sun is inviting me to escape with it. I may be running errands, gardening, sitting on my deck or an outside cafe and I’m in heaven because the sunshine makes me happy.

Happiness is said to be a state of mind and for me the sunshine transports me right back to my island home of blue waters, boat rides, family moments, laughter and exotic food while listening to waist rotating music under the sun.