The Top Chef that wasn’t

Like many viewers I watched the finale of Top Chef on Bravo last night. For me it was a very poignant moment because my fellow country woman, Chef Nina Compton, had made it through the competition and was in the top two.

But I am getting a bit ahead of myself. Chef Nina and I share a birthright. We are born in the gem of an island called St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean. Our island is only 238 sq miles, tiny by US standards, fought over fourteen times by England and France, gained independence thirty five years ago this February 22, boasts two Nobel laureates and deeply supportive of Chef Nina.

We dominated all social media and had several viewing parties on the island for what we were sure was a win for Nina. Nina and the other contestant, Nick, set out to woo the judges and us with dishes that looked absolutely mouthwatering. Nick’s front of the house service was in the words of one of the judges “Awkward” while Nina was praised for top notch service back and front of the house. Bravo viewers were invited to play along online, Nina was the most popular and even Nick was in awe of her talents and how cool she was under pressure. Most of the judges gave Nina great reviews over Nick so it was a huge surprise when Tom announced Nick as the winner.

Very proud of Nina and her accomplishments. She did us all proud and is our Top Chef always.



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